About Us


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The Getogether, is a premier online Event-Based Social dating website for singles. Meeting that Wonderful someone and getting a life-changing experience is always on everyone's mind. And what better way to do this than through an Event-based social dating site? 

THE GETOGETHER can help you find that special date and enjoy life events or make amazing friends at the click of a button.

On THE GETOGETHER, you connect with thousands of people at any time within our exclusive system, just browse through member profiles at your convenience. There are also World-class communities and great Events which will give you the opportunity to meet members in your city in person. So, whether you want to experience meeting new people, mingle, romance, or fall in love with like-minded people, The Getogether assists you on romance and a fun journey. 

How are we different

The Getogether is not just any other online dating site. We are an exclusive community of people who want to connect technology with an exclusive group of people that want live love and enjoy the touch of the human experience by joining and communicating with other members for the purpose of socializing, dating, building relationships, and networking on the gateway of our online connection. Our community will provide you with the opportunity to experience online social connections within a safe and secure environment. There will be hundreds of events nationwide for our Exclusive Members.

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